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About YarnArts & Kathleen Early Crochet Patterns

Although Kathleen has been crocheting since she was 5 yrs. old - Kathleen & her husband Fred started publishing YarnArts Patterns in 1988 . Before YarnArts, other companies and craft magazines published and sold Kathleen's designs. She won't let us give you the year she started crocheting - the lady never wants to tell her age. ...." but I'll tell you, it was decades before 1988 and her initial desktop publishing was on a Commodore 64" - Michelle

YarnArts Specialties - We are exclusive family publishers of Kathleen Early Patterns. - Kathleen's Specialties include realistic softsculpture crochet pattern designs.

The YarnArts Pattern Gallery features Amazing Detail in crochet by crochet artist Kathleen Early.  You Won't Believe It Can Be Made In Crochet!  YarnArts features Collector Celebrity Doll  Patterns like Kathleen's artist impression of Elvis in his "Grande Finale", "Princess Di" and "Marilyn"  ....

Kathleen's specialty is Detailed Collector Baby Doll & Toddler Doll Patterns. These make the ultimate bed doll and terrific home decor accents for every doll lover. 

Although most Kathleen Early dolls can wear regular 0-3 month size baby clothes, you won't want to cover Baby Beau's uniquely "crocheted in" baby fat details or Bonnie and Lil' Buster's crocheted navel, individual fingers, etc.... unless you are using them to display your child's precious keepsake clothing their "home from the hospital" outfits or your "family heirloom" christening outfit....

Kathleen has also created unique, individual personalities for her BellyButton series of animal characters .  

...And Kathleen's Hand (Puppets) are also full-bodied stuffed animals and action toys. She's created "just for fun" (Holiday Designs) with children's school parties in mind. Yet you'll see what we think is her most impressive artistic crochet

ability in her unicorn and Pegasus (Mythological creatures).

This YarnArts site is a Designer Direct site

Kathleen has always said her family, friends, animals and their life events have been the inspiration for her designs. We have an agreement with her- we don't tell her age and she won't include our actual photos in the patterns which we inspired. Believe me - Todd (who inspired the Todd in pj's design) won't risk anyone violating "the deal".

YarnArts is the exclusive publisher of Kathleen Early Patterns - designer original, unique, realistic baby doll, crochet dolls, toy, soft sculpture and artistic crochet patterns by yarn artist Kathleen Early.  But Kathleen Early Patterns include detailed knitting and crochet picture afghans and sweaters like the lion knit picture sweater shown in the background of our 1988 picture.

Kathleen was raised by her grandparents and was taught basic crochet, knitting and needlepoint by her great grandmother.  She believed all little girls should know their needlework before they were old enough to go to school - so there were no crochet patterns used - just a good knowledge of how each stitch combination made a simple "Granny Square" look entirely different.   Kathleen took her own texture designed "Granny Square Afghan" to  kindergarten "Show & Tell".  Kathleen Early's crocheted dolls and sculpture crochet skills are a self taught expansion on her great grandmother's and grandmother's design skills.  Neither used crochet patterns to teach Kathleen how to combine crochet stitches in unique ways to get the artistic, realistic baby doll results in her crochet dolls.   

Where does she usually work on her projects?

Now that she's learned how to use a laptop and dictation software - - - everywhere!!

There isn't a room in her home and the YarnArts Studio that doesn't have electronic hookups (including the decks and lawn swings) for writing up new design ideas or completing crochet patterns.  There's also numerous notebooks dating back 30 years, with hand written crochet patterns that haven't been put into the computers yet. And YarnArts hasn't yet published Kathleen Early's picture afghans. 

 How does she choose her design subjects?  

Kathleen says she loves reproducing designs that touch others in the way the subject touched her. 

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